Nowadays, with the rapid development of science and technology, human beings' cognition of themselves and their environment is constantly explored, and economic activities under the influence of globalization are constantly evolving. "Southeast industry fund" is a "trendsetter" born under the background of this new era.


"Southeast industry fund" originated from Shenzhen southeast Industry Co., Ltd. founded in 1988. After more than 30 years of development, it has become a cross domain industrial investment fund cluster.


With advanced productivity, extensive consumer demand, scarce high-quality resources and healthy financing, "southeast industry fund" always discriminates the investment and development direction from these important dimensions.


At present, the main investment sectors of "southeast industry fund" include: industry city integration, health management, innovative investment & asset management, sports and entertainment and many other fields.


"Southeast industry fund" always adheres to the concept of "integrity, cooperation and innovation", keenly grasps the market direction, predicts the industry hot spots, and works with many international well-known partners in the investment and business circles to empower and help the invested enterprises grow steadily and gradually improve their competitiveness by providing strategic consultants, financing funds, introducing talents, sharing management experience and sharing industrial chain resources to the invested enterprises, Become a leader in your industry.


The management team of the investment cluster of "southeast industry fund" organizes and guides the operation and management of its sub funds. Each sub fund shall strengthen its support and supervision to the manager, provide more professional and transparent services for the interests of project investors, and contribute to the development of its industry.


Embrace the southeast to see the world, and wait for prosperity with thick accumulation!