[Weekly news] May 13-20, 2022



All districts, counties and scenic spots in the city have launched a series of activities to benefit the people, such as free scenic spots, artistic performances, tourism incentives, and the issuance of consumption vouchers, so that citizens and tourists can share the dividends of cultural and tourism development, further boost the confidence of industry development, enhance the vitality of the tourism market, and help the recovery and development of the tourism market.

Free public benefit performance in the scenic spot

Issuance of tourism incentive vouchers

Chongqing Branch of "China Tourism Day" has many activities and offers

On May 19, the Chongqing Branch of "China Tourism Day 2022" was launched in Fengjie County.

All districts, counties and scenic spots in the city have launched a series of activities to benefit the people, such as free scenic spots, artistic performances, tourism incentives, and the issuance of consumption vouchers, so that citizens and tourists can share the dividends of cultural and tourism development, further boost the confidence of industry development, enhance the vitality of the tourism market, and help the recovery and development of the tourism market.

Source: Chongqing daily

Digital empowerment rural "icing on the cake"

——"Digital village" experiment at the foot of Daba Mountain

How many "patterns" can a Peony Blossom? How does a herb fly out of the mountain? How many industries can an orange garden produce? In Kaizhou District of Chongqing at the foot of Daba Mountain, thanks to the empowerment of digital technology, these questions have new answers.

"Bashan medicine storehouse" and "hometown of Citrus"... As an important base of grain, fruit and medicinal materials in China, Kaizhou has many well-known "business cards". However, for a long time, the traditional planting and breeding model has not given full play to the value of these characteristic industries. In recent years, with the help of the construction of "digital village", Kaizhou has accelerated the promotion of digital technology into the field, driven the intellectualization of agricultural production, opened up the road of online sales and brand promotion, promoted "one after another" of agriculture, and "added icing on the cake" for Rural Revitalization.

Planting and breeding with "number"

Smart agriculture "blooming" small mountain village

In early summer, the temperature at the foot of Daba mountain rises gradually. The smart screen in the village committee office of Tonglin village, Wutong Township, Kaizhou District issued an early warning: the greenhouse temperature of the Three Gorges rural peony garden is abnormal. Lichunyong, the person in charge of peony garden, rushed to the greenhouse to check. He found that the water cooling system was faulty and immediately began to repair it.

"Peony is delicate and has strict requirements on temperature and humidity. With the Internet of things sensing system, we can accurately monitor and adjust the growth environment." Songlixi, deputy general manager of Chongqing big data artificial intelligence innovation center responsible for system construction, said.

In the past, the villagers here liked to plant peonies and peonies in front of and behind their houses. They abandoned the flowers and took their roots as medicinal materials. Traditional farming methods are difficult to ensure quality and increase added value. Now, the village has built intelligent planting greenhouses, introduced a variety of ornamental peonies from Henan and other places, and realized large-scale scientific planting. Lichunyong said: "the village is planning to launch peony fresh cut flowers, plant drinks, etc., to further expand the industrial chain."

At the beginning of this year, all black goats raised by Wutong goat co-operative in Kaizhou District wore yellow "ear tags" and were equipped with smart chips, which could trace the whole process of breeding.

Lixiuqin, a large farmer, said: "black goat is a characteristic industry of Wutong Township, but it was difficult to take care of the health status of all sheep in the past. Now through the intelligent breeding traceability system, the location of sheep, vaccination status and disinfection date of sheep houses can be seen at a glance." Huyuewen, director of the agricultural and Rural Committee of Kaizhou District, introduced that Kaizhou has initially built a basic information framework for agricultural big data, and built more than 50 intelligent agricultural iots such as citrus, aquatic products, livestock and poultry, effectively improving production efficiency and product quality.

Connect "road" with "data"

Small farmers can also connect with the big market

As the dominant producing area of traditional Chinese medicine in Chongqing, Kaizhou has more than 1080 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine, such as Aucklandia, Euphorbia, Coptis, etc. "Kaixian Aucklandia" is one of the three major local medicinal materials in Chongqing. "However, the villagers in the mountains have poor information and do not understand the logic of price fluctuations. These 'treasures' used to be hidden in the mountains, and their sales have become a problem." Said liuxianhong, head of guanmian township.

Now, relying on digital technology, Kaizhou has built 470 agricultural information agencies and more than 100 e-commerce poverty alleviation stations. In 2020, based on the price data of multiple delivery points of Aucklandia, Kaizhou compiled and released the Aucklandia price index. Farmers can adjust their planting strategies in time according to the index, so that the market and price are more guaranteed.

Tonglin village, Wutong Township, has built "adoption agriculture" through the Internet platform, moving the sales forward to the production side, and realizing "private customization" of high-quality agricultural products.

Mr. Wang from Chengdu is one of the first "adopters" of peach trees in Tonglin village. Through online docking and relying on the traceability system, Mr. Wang can master the growth status of peach trees at any time, and the harvested fresh fruits can be delivered directly by express.

"With the online adoption mechanism, you can sell at a good price without leaving home." Hedong, Secretary of the Party branch of Tonglin village, said that more than 200 peach trees have been adopted in the whole village, earning nearly 40000 yuan. In the future, the adoption mechanism will also be extended to special agricultural products such as black goat, black chicken and black pig.

Statistics show that by building brands through e-commerce and other digital platforms, Kaizhou's online retail sales of agricultural products reached 453million yuan in 2021, a year-on-year increase of nearly 30%.

One thousand flowers

"One after another" to promote revitalization

If you buy a pot of peony, you can get an online digital peony in the "peony flower meta universe" system. Consumers can record and share the growth status of digital peony through wechat applet... In the Three Gorges rural peony garden in Kaizhou, smart agriculture is creating a new experience of agricultural tourism interconnection.

"With the addition of new technologies such as digital twins and meta universe, the traditional peony garden is full of interest, enhancing the participation and immersion of tourists, and turning the viewing tour into a deep tour." Jilei, vice president of Inspur Group, who is responsible for the construction of smart agriculture projects in Wutong Township, said.

In Kaizhou, relying on the development of digital technology and modern agriculture, more and more rural areas have become rural amusement parks, driving the "successive" integrated development of industries.

During the May Day holiday, the "ecological park" in Lingquan village, Zhuxi Town, Kaizhou District welcomed many tourists. However, in the past, Lingquan village, which mainly engaged in traditional planting industries such as vegetables and citrus, had a single industry and limited income, and many lands were abandoned.

In recent years, Lingquan village has built a smart tribute orange picking garden and a standard orange orchard on the abandoned land, supporting various tourism facilities, and a number of agricultural products preliminary processing and rural experience tourism projects have been implemented.

Dengchangkun, a villager, recounted the changes in the past two years: "there are profits from the land transfer, and there are dividends in the follow-up. He can also make a lot of agritainment in his own home and entertain tourists. Seeing the good opportunity, many villagers returned home to start businesses."

From January to April this year, Kaizhou rural tourism received 3.76 million tourists, achieving a comprehensive tourism revenue of 1.96 billion yuan, an increase of 11.8% year-on-year.

In Wutong Township, with the wisdom peony garden as the medium, rural tourism and research tourism will be developed during the flowering season. After the branches and leaves wither, peony bark will be collected for medicine, and peony cake, peony Han Embroidery, peony wine and other peripheral products will be launched. Li Keqin, Secretary of the Party committee of Wutong Township, introduced that in the future, mountain B & B will be built near the peony garden to develop characteristic rural tourism projects. "This used to be a medicine Town, but now it has become a flower Town, and it will become a tourism town in the future.

Source: Xinhua News Agency

National Network Security Industrial Park (Chengdu Chongqing)

Approved as the first inter provincial region in China

National Network Security Industrial Park

On May 16, the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology announced that the "national network security Industrial Park (Chengdu Chongqing)" jointly declared by Sichuan and Chongqing was approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology a few days ago, becoming the third region in China to win this national title after Beijing and Changsha, and the first cross Provincial National Network Security Industrial Park in China.

In the reply, the Ministry of industry and information technology said that it would actively support Sichuan and Chongqing in policy implementation, project layout, enterprise cultivation, pilot demonstration, etc., and hoped that Sichuan and Chongqing would strengthen network security technology innovation, cultivate new network security services, build a highland of network security talents, improve the network security industry ecology, and build the park into a highland leading the innovation and development of network security industry in the West.

At present, the average annual sales revenue of the network security industry in Sichuan and Chongqing exceeds 100billion yuan. The two places have introduced more than 300 network security enterprises, including 92 innovation centers, innovation laboratories, network attack and defense ranges and adaptation bases for technology R & D and application transformation. They have undertaken 163 national, provincial and ministerial science and technology projects or projects related to network security, and more than 50 national, provincial and ministerial innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, It has formed a whole industry chain system covering network security technology research and development, product production and operation services, and is at the first-class level in the industry in many fields, such as industrial control security, password products, electromagnetic protection, big data security, etc.

The person in charge of the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology said that next, the city will cooperate with Sichuan Province to form an ecological layout of network security industry with "distinctive features, complementary advantages, integration of supply and demand, and coordinated development" in accordance with the principle of "differential dislocation breakthrough and cross regional coordinated development", so as to solidly promote the construction of the park. Among them, Sichuan will further strengthen organizational leadership and top-level design, explore supporting policy innovations such as organizational mechanism, finance, taxation, talent cultivation and achievement transformation, promote the research and development of core network security technologies, cultivate the network security industry ecology, improve the network security supply capacity, and improve the network security application system; Chongqing will strengthen overall planning and coordination, improve the policy system, increase support in enterprise cultivation, talent introduction, platform construction, product promotion, etc., improve its independent innovation ability by optimizing the industrial development layout, expand the supply and demand market, strengthen the driving of application scenarios, and accelerate the formation of a good industrial ecology.

Source: Chongqing daily

Chongqing college entrance examination epidemic prevention notice issued

Candidates must enter the examination with "one certificate and two codes"

On May 19, the reporter of Chongqing daily learned from Chongqing education examination institute that the 2022 unified college entrance examination will be held from June 7 to 9. The Municipal Education Examination Institute reminds candidates to apply for "Yukang code" and national big data travel card, and pay attention to the status of "two codes" at any time. From May 24, it is necessary to measure and record the body temperature, monitor the health status and do a good job in self-health management every day. On the day of the examination, the applicant shall enter the examination room with the admission ticket, ID card and "one certificate and two codes" (the negative certificate of nucleic acid detection within 48 hours, the Yukang code and the travel Code Green Code), and the body temperature shall be measured to be normal.

Source: Chongqing daily

Chongqing intelligent minors protection system

Put into use in Beibei

Recently, the Chongqing intelligent minors protection system built with big data was put into use in Beibei, marking that the minors protection work in Beibei has officially entered the "big data era" of "entity + network" and "Online + offline".

The smart minors protection system is donated and operated by Shanghai ngou Information Technology Co., Ltd. the system integrates the "six protections" of family protection, school protection, social protection, network protection, government protection and judicial protection. Through regular visits at the grass-roots level, the system updates basic data and statistical analysis needs in real time, enables one click reports on minors' protection work to be handled in a timely manner, and constructs a minors' care and protection network.

At present, the system has included 763 left behind children and children in difficult circumstances in Beibei District into the focus of the platform, and provided 24-hour online services. In case of emergency, the platform will analyze and evaluate and automatically match assistance measures. At the same time, Beibei District also organically combines the system with the classified management of children, and is equipped with intelligent bracelets for children who are lack of supervision, seriously ill and disabled. By using the "Internet +" technology, guardians, social workers and village residents can timely grasp the situation of children and provide accurate positioning for emergency assistance through voice calls, health data monitoring, tracking and positioning and other functions.

Next, Beibei District will continue to use big data and cloud computing, integrate relevant departments such as civil affairs, Education Commission, women's Federation and Youth League Committee, as well as resources such as towns, streets and villages (communities), give play to the role of the three-level non insurance mechanism, improve the minors' protection database, statistically analyze the cases of minors, and use six protection means to achieve accurate and effective protection.

Source: Chongqing daily